Hershey the cat

Hershey was soon given work helping to organize the reconstruction of Mobotropolis after the city was retaken following Robotnik's demise. She was soon approached by Geoffrey, whom she had become friends with, and became the third recruit in the new Royal Secret Service. When Sally thought Geoffrey murdered her, he claimed hershey the cat they had been on separate missions and that he had investigated when she failed to report in. Following Moritori's escape, the team were led to the comatose Queen Alicia, whom hershey the cat then took home with them to Mobotropolis. Not long afterwards, she and the other members of the Secret Service were on rescue duty as Mobotropolis fell under the hershey the cat of Doctor Eggmanan alternate version of Robotnik who had come to replace his counterpart after eliminating his own Sonic. Following this Hershey and Geoffrey informed Sonic that they had a new "mission":
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Horrified by her actions, Hershey had a sobbing breakdown, only for her guilt to become rage as she went after Drago. She eventually joined the Secret Service, training hard and becoming less emotionally swayed and more level-headed. Hershey and her friends helped a number of civilians escape to Knothole, but in the process lost one of their own:

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Eventually Mecha was sent falling into a body of water, and the battle ship was sunk. Accompanying the group to Angel Island , Hershey was as surprised as the others to find the entire landmass caught in a blizzard.

Hershey the Cat

The latest Tweets from Hershey The Cat (@HersheyDaNumba1). Purr I like flipping bird cages, i hate my owner. Buy Cats (Touring) tickets from the official alzcaregroup.com site. Find Cats ( Touring) schedule, reviews and photos. Read He had this comin' ~ Hershey Cat X Male Reader from the story Male Reader X Sonic Characters by HeavenlySoul (That "Loner" Over Yonder) with.
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Following their rescue by the recently returned Sonic, the two left for their honeymoon and their feelings have remained strong ever since.

Hershey the Cat

The following year the two got married as their final wish, while held at gunpoint by a group of Swatbots. Hershey and her group were successful, but Max wound up paralyzed from the waist down as a result of injuries sustained in the fight. She was the wife of Geoffrey St. Happily greeting the Hedgehog, they then informed him of the dire situation, only to have him rush off before they could tell him of the more drastic changes that had come over Mobius since his departure. She was not charged for her role in Sally's near-death, and soon began eyeing Geoffrey St. The Thread of general Sonic-related questions.
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Unfortunately, he quickly made his escape, and went on a rampage before being stopped by Sally. Later, listening to Drago musing about his future position of power guaranteed by his betrayal of Knothole to Dr. Attacking him and knocking him unconscious, she then told Sonic what she had been duped into, apologizing profusely for her mistakes.
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Read He had this comin' ~ Hershey Cat X Male Reader from the story Male Reader X Sonic Characters by HeavenlySoul (That "Loner" Over Yonder) with. Here's Abyss requested by nightridergnoll, Rosie, Hershey and Leeta requested by thegunheart, The Shamar Freedom Fighters requested by (So sorry but I. One of Robonik devices implanted in her by her ex lover Drago making her sees Sally as Snively when she cut the rope.
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