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Supervised only of course. A board-certified radiologist said the x-rays don't show any evidence of any cancer developing Since a recurrence was my main worry. I have been around cats by whole life and I found that cats with CH are the most lovable and sweetest. My neice found a feral kitten and took him home, he was only about 3 to 4 weeks old. One of the vets here at kitten walking funny back legs work said he was about weeks old. Some days he will crawl to the outside where I am with the rest of the cats. Hi Kitten walking funny back legs have a ch kitten called Misty.
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Otherwise they said it was something neurological. Add a comment to Sam's experience.

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Video: This adorable cat has Wobbly Kitten Syndrome, and she's looking for a new home - Telegraph

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She was so cute.

Ataxia in Cats

A kitten is born with “CH” when her cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls fine .. The second step was strengthening her back legs by helping strengthen the Hi, I rescued a young cat from my dogs and noticed that it walks funny. Even though she looks comical when she walks, this kitten is adorable - and she's looking for a new home. If your cat's rear legs seem weak -- she's not able to jump, she's walking with a stiff gait or on her hocks, or she's not able to walk at all.
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Eating is another case, however. I can't understand what's wrong and I can't even take her to a vet.

Hip Dysplasia

We have never had a treatment delay like this. Every other day whe will also go poo. Is this a CHitten thing or a kitten thing? Has Symptoms Loss Of Mass. He looks and acts a lot like Charley in the YouTube video. Your kitten may have a developmental problem, parasites, or an infectious disease. Also one pupils as and is larger then the other one.
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She has been paralyzed since the day I got her about a week ago.
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If your cat starts walking like a drunk, weak in the hind end, don't assume he got into the catnip. That hind leg neuropathy indicates he's probably suffering from feline diabetes mellitus. Hind leg neuropathy might be the first sign, and certainly the most obvious sign, that your. Complete paralysis in cats involves the complete lack of ability to move legs, But last 2 week he suddenly cant use his 2 back leg and he is having hard time standing and walking. . A week or so ago I came home to find him moving funny . .. My cat is 4 years old & just had a litter of kittens exactly 2 weeks ago today. It usually comes on suddenly: Your cat begins to howl or pant and can't seem to move one or both of his back legs. Although there can be a.
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