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I'd be happy to help you via a personal one-on-one consult. January 8, at 1: Ensuring we get as many vegetables as we can is really critical. Before finishing up with a couple more practical recommendations liver coconut oil resources for you, here are a few caveats. January 2, at Non-alcoholic fatty liver diseasevirgin coconut liver coconut oil. If these mystery fats include much trans-fat, that could be a major factor in the immune response.
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December 22, at 3: Okay, this is a comment about the first evidence you present, the screen shot: April 26, at 1:

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Study: Coconut Oil Reverses Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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However, I also add between a tsp and tbsp of ground flax seed at the same time.

The Dark Side Of Coconut Oil: A Cautionary Tale For Coconut Oil Extremists.

Because the fatty acids in coconut oil get shipped to the liver and turned into ketones, they are often used in epileptic patients to induce ketosis. Adding to the hype around this solid-at-room-temperature lipid, coconut oil has recently demonstrated an ability to help keep the liver healthy. Coconut oil (CO) has been known for centuries to have health benefits and is now seen as a functional food. Virgin CO (VCO) is antioxidant, antimicrobial.
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Study: Coconut Oil Reverses Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Just look at the ever so popular Atkins diet. Day 1 of taking coconut oil my brain said take more but my joint pain was starting to return. It's important to find ways to branch out and get many varieties of vegetables, which some of us don't always do. Hi Ben, I notice you mention Bulletproof. Obviously this will vary a bit from person to person and we have to listen to our bodies a bit too.
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Also, I fully agree with the high fat, plant based, fibre rich approach. The rats glutathione levels also increased, resulting in increased antioxidant enzyme activities. I'm enjoying your recent articles quite a bit.
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The recommended amount of intake of virgin coconut oil (VCO) for health benefits .. Effect of lipidic dietary substitution by virgin coconut oil in liver fatty acids. Coconut oil is a common ingredient kept in kitchens everywhere while coconut meat can be used as the perfect healthy fat to use in meals. J Basic Clin Physiol Pharmacol. May 1;25(2) doi: /jbcpp- Virgin coconut oil protects against liver damage in albino rats.
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