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Thanks for all cat food with no chicken replies. She had ear mites and has been treated twice for that second time was with revolutioneven though she tested negative after the first treatment. Learn more about them. What I've had the most luck with is Earthborn canned food, she loves it and it keeps her allergies in check. Again, this is just a thought, if you have already considered this and it isn't the problem I hope you find what helps her. Mar 3, Also, Cat food with no chicken Fresh is chicken-free and so is Orijen 6 fish.
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No Corn, Wheat, Soy, Dairy or Eggs Common ingredients that can trigger digestive upset or an allergic reaction in some pets. Share This Page Tweet. I've noticed that she seems to throw up the wet food only when it's chicken or turkey but keeps the beef down.

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Non Chicken Dry Cat Food

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All of my cats like the beef wet food better than poultry.

Chicken Free Cat Food

Chicken is a staple ingredient in lots of pet food. But if you have . This food has no chicken and it uses real beef and cheese chunks in gravy. If your cat prefers chicken free cat food, enjoy a number of quality options. Some cats Evanger's low grain cat food contains no chicken. The chicken-free food's . Vet looked at the ingredients and said try "no chicken". Well, this cat really does not like wet food and I'm going crazy trying to find a dry that.
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My cat has allergies and we're trying to figure out if he hs a food allergy or inhaled. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Orijen has the 6 fish formula for cats:

Evanger's Low Grain Cat Food

Feline pheasant formula Feline quail formula Feline turkey formula Feline venison formula The foods are suitable to those who want to try a raw food diet but do not have the time or patience to make their own foods. Share This Page Tweet. Avoid the salmon medley because it includes chicken liver. Wysong's Anergen formula includes no poultry. Search Media New Media. Jul 7, 4.
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I tried probiotics when I was trying to get her to eat wet and it did not go well since she didn't like the wet.
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Nature's Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Cat Food Kibble Some breeds do appear to experience food allergies more often than others, but there is no scientific Some of the most common culprits of food allergies in cats include chicken. If your cat prefers chicken free cat food, enjoy a number of quality options. Some cats Evanger's low grain cat food contains no chicken. The chicken-free food's . For cats that show signs of being sensitive to some of the ingredients used in traditional pet foods, less may be more. BLUE Basics is a healthy and holistic, limited-ingredient diet formulated to minimize food sensitivities while maximizing the nutritional value that your cat.
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