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Especially when they least expect it. We are obviously including both DIY and professional methods in the article so that you can take an economically-driven decision for yourselves. The key is to try to provide all the resources in the space that your cat needs. Leave a comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Get holiday tips and inspiration from cat in garden team of travel writers.
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People do dreadful things to cats.

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11 ways to get rid of cats from your garden | BT

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Cats don't like the smell of citrus, so putting down peels or citrus oils may make cats think twice about digging in your garden. After a few applications, the odor may send your feline visitors looking elsewhere.

Creating a cat-friendly garden or outside space

It's what to do about neighborhood cats that use vegetable and flower gardens for litter boxes. Fences keep dogs out but cats, left to run free. Or, you may want to keep cats from defecating in your yard so you don't encounter their poop while gardening, mowing, or walking around. The local cats, however, have different plans for your garden. They find it suitable for their business and use it as a giant litter box and a fighting.
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Solutions Luckily for you, there are plenty of solutions to the problem. I am going to try some of the methods recommended and will get back if I have any success. Derek September 24, at 5:

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Hi I have the same problem as you. Even in our rather rural setting, there are unseen dangers. Coleus canina, otherwise known as scaredy cat plant, is reported to deter cats, as do rue and lavender. Some people place cut-up lengths of garden hose in the beds to imitate large garden snakes. Do cat repellent plants actually work? Get holiday tips and inspiration from our team of travel writers.
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An unfortunate side effect of making your outside space irresistible to your cat is that cats from other neighbouring houses may be just as keen to spend time in there too.
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Read our tips for keeping cats out of your garden, including planting strategies and gadgets to help deter them. It's what to do about neighborhood cats that use vegetable and flower gardens for litter boxes. Fences keep dogs out but cats, left to run free. For gardeners who are cat lovers, the topic of cats in the garden is a delicate one. But when feral cats (or your neighbors' pets) use your garden as a litter box.
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