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The services are available to everyone and people have brought their pets from as far as Prince Feral cat rescue md County, Baltimore and the Eastern Shore. We are a c 3 charity. The result was a stable, healthy colony which was not reproducing or fighting. This was a true TNRM effort. With our Trap, Feral cat rescue md, Return, and Maintain program, feral cats are humanely trapped, then evaluated, vaccinated, and sterilized by veterinarians.
Garfield - Age: 29
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Box Port Republic, MD We do not take in feral adults. Mary's, Charles and Prince George's Counties.

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Feral Cat Caretakers - Maryland SPCA

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We use donations and grants to fund our operations. In , the number dropped to per month due to the efforts of Feral Cat Rescue volunteers as well as the efforts of other rescue groups in the tri-county area. We also educate the public regarding pet care and handling, and their responsibility for their pets.

Feral Cat Caretakers

Home, dc metro feral cat organization, donate save cats, feral cat foster home maryland,, Adoption Info, dc metro feral cat organization, donate save cats, feral. THE MARYLAND SPCA'S DEFINITION OF A STRAY/FERAL CAT CARETAKER: A person or group of people who provide food and shelter to stray/feral cats. Violations of the Maryland State Open Meetings Act. Upper Marlboro, MD Feral Cat Rescue -- Read about the P.G.F.F. Program, Here.
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Baby Girl - Age: 21
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We are committed to reducing the free roaming cat population within Calvert County through non-lethal means.

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We use the sanctuary as the last choice location to place those Calvert County cats which cannot be adopted and cannot be returned to their original colony site, usually because of ongoing consturctions and destruction of their habitat or other local activites which are dangerous to the cats. In , the number dropped to per month due to the efforts of Feral Cat Rescue volunteers as well as the efforts of other rescue groups in the tri-county area. In we trapped or rescued cats and kittens. We became a pilot project to see if TNRM has a positive impact on reducing the number of animal control calls and on the number of feral cats euthanized at the Tri-County Animal Shelter. Mary's and Charles Counties who have free roaming cats, usually with kittens, or large cat colonies which they need to vet and control. We are members of the Calvert Pet Coalition which is comprimised of many of the volunteer pet organizations operating in the County.
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Izzy - Age: 25
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Mary's, Charles and Prince George's Counties. Read more Need admin access? They have confirmed over the years that their calls have been greatly reduced as we work through small and large colonies within the County.
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Cat Rescues & Sanctuaries. Before contacting a rescue group or sanctuary, we recommend reading these links: How to get help from a rescue group (Feline. cat, feral cat, cat care, rescue cat, cat protection, save cats, alley cat, feline, help cats, community cat. Project Description: Feral Cat Rescue's main mission is to improve the lives of feral cats by doing Trap, Neuter Return. We also take in the babies of the feral cats.
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