Pirate costume for cat

Measure the base of the neck to the base of the tail. So great job Chewy! If your pet falls somewhere between two sizes, we advise ordering the larger of the two. This costume runs small! We never did figure out where the small black skirt?
Ash - Age: 22
Price - 59$

He weighs 75 lbs. It does allow room for his ears to pop out which makes it comfortable.

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This Cat Is Taking The Internet By Storm With His Hilarious Pirate Outfit

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So a large is like a small medium. Our lab-airedale mix has a big chest and neck and the 'jacket' fit him without feeling or looking too tight.

Pet Krewe Pirate Dog & Cat Costume

Transform your cat into the scourge of the Seven Seas with the Pirate Cat costume! This adorable cat outfit fits over your cat's two front legs in a pair of fabulous. products Online shopping for popular & hot Pirate Cat Costume from Home & Garden, Cat Clothing, Novelty & Special Use, Holidays Costumes and. This pirate cat costume is even better, there's just something quite elegant about how he has a hook pointing straight out with one hand, and.
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Daisy - Age: 28
Price - 169$

Even though I used the suggested measurements it would not come close to going on my dog.

Let's Measure

Though we lost the hat already, Luna still looks fierce in her pirate costume! This costume is cute but beware the sizing. It is the cutest costume but definitely buy one size larger on this one. This would be great for short haired dogs! The costume fits perfectly and is fun! He weighs 75 lbs.
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Jade - Age: 22
Price - 54$

Our lab-airedale mix has a big chest and neck and the 'jacket' fit him without feeling or looking too tight. Very comfortable for him, and the hat stays on well, since it is designed to use the dogs ears to help anchor it on. So great job Chewy!
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Time spent with a cat is never wasted.” - Colette 50% off! Don't miss out! Arr! Cat o'nine tails! Yo-ho-ho! Me love cats. All the lasses and buccaneers also love. alzcaregroup.com: Topsung Cool Caribbean Pirate Pet Halloween Costume Small to Medium Dogs/Cats, Size S: Pet Supplies. Pirate Costume for Dogs and Cats Review by Simply Pets. Buy holiday pet costume fits small breeds for Halloween, parties, special.
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