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Virginia Striving for excellence in health, temperament, and type. Our bloodlines are from some of the best catteries in Sphynx cat breeders ny, Ukranie and Spain. Litter "H" Past kittens from Gobble's Gobblins is a small home cattery located in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Our Sphynx are very loveable.
tucker - Age: 22
Price - 91$

The skin is the same color that their fur would be, if they had any, so all the usual cat colorations may be found: Triple F Sphynx and Bambino Cattery.

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All of our kitties are raised in our home, under our feet, in our laps, and with much love! We do accept Paypal you are responsible for fees , money order, check, cash, and Western Union for your convenience. Are You Enjoying Pets4You?

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Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens. 92 likes. Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens is a Sphynx Breeder in Staten Island, NY. We offer Sphynx Cats, Sphynx Breeding, Hairless. Pets & Animals Cats & Kittens Sphynx Brooklyn, New York» Sphynx». $1, New! Elite Sphynx kitten from Europe with excellent pedigree, female. Alva. Peterbald and Don Sphynx kittens for sale periodically. From completely hairless to furbaby. All Queens and Studs imported from Russia. Health guaranteed.
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Madison - Age: 23
Price - 151$

Texas We are a small family owned Tica registered cattery located in Tyler , Texas. Our kittens are well socialized getting love, and attention from the time that are born. We offer different colors,odd eyes,points and minks.

Blood Type: A

We welcome visits Please call, email or text for our kitten availability. The Sphynx is NOT a reclusive breed—on the contrary, they want to participate with you and the rest of the family in all your activities! D'Nile Sphynx kittens are raised as our family members with constant social and physical contact. All of our kittens come with up to date vaccinations,registrations, pedigree and health contract. Feel free to follow us on Facebook under Oklahoma Sphynx! A kitten that could soon be a permanent member of your family for many, long happy, healthy years!
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Ollie - Age: 20
Price - 113$

Our goal is quality, not quantity. Your Sphynx cat will never leave your sight, follow you around, and wait for you to get home.
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Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Kittens/Cats; Top quality sphynx and bambino kitten breeders in virginia, florida, calfornia, and colorado. Sphynx Kittens - Indigo Sphynx Kittens - Canadian Sphynx Cat Breeder,Cattery, NY. Gorgeous Sphynx Kittens is a Sphynx Breeder in Staten Island, NY.
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