Good pet stuff company hidden cat litter box

I gave up putting the pieces back on the pot, so just threw them away. See all items by Good Pet Stuff. Forget "World's Best Dad" mugs and traditional accessories. Made from durable polypropylene construction that looks just like a real clay pot. When the box is full, And I took the advice of another reviewer and sprayed the plant with perfume and my cats leave it alone and they are usually pretty destructive.
Angel - Age: 33
Price - 132$

All was well till finally my two kittens destroyed the plant. Filtered vented system controls dust and odor. InformationYour lovely pet always deserve the best!

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Brown Finally, a litter box you don't have to hide! I wouldn't use cheap litter for this as its going to be part of the home-decor. I eventually took the top off and just left the bottom till I buy a new one because the little "soil" its just like this string material was all over my apartment I have rug and pieces of the leaves.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Planter

Home · Cat · Litter Boxes & Accessories · Boxes & Pans · Covered Litter Boxes. Good Pet Stuff Plant Good Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Litter Box. By: Good Pet Stuff . No one will know if your cat doesn't tell! DSC_big HL-back-for-web HL front dpi. Product Features: Comes complete with attractive, high-quality plant. With the Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box, unsightly litter boxes are a thing of the past! An ingenious design, it camouflages a.
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Booger - Age: 32
Price - 116$

Do you want to train you cat how to use toilet?

Good Pet Stuff

They do chew on the plant but I saw another review saying she sprayed it with perfume so I'm going to try that. Large capacity pot is great for large cats and multi-cat households. I wouldn't use cheap litter for this as its going to be part of the home-decor. Up close, it's not as realistic but this really isn't a problem for me. The only downside was the decorative raffia that goes on top of the litter box. Large capacity pot for large cats and multi-cat households.
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robin - Age: 31
Price - 76$

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This is my review of the hidden cat litter box in a planter style from the Good Stuff Pet Company. Ideal for bigger cats and a discrete form of litter box. Tuscany Hidden Cat Litter Box by The Good Pet Stuff Company. Get it now or find more Litter Boxes at Temple & Webster. Free Shipping. Buy Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box at Walmart. com.
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