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But I figured I'd look fun kitten games for others who may have succeeded in this endeavor, because supposedly this is a thing I can do with my cat. Hi Kate, At least for me, when I walk my cat I basically let him walk me. Always build on small steps. Take time to browse through your local pet store, or research online — the MetPet Jackson galaxy cat leash is quite nice, as is the Kitty Holster. The great outdoors await!
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Leave a Comment Cancel Your email address will not be published. The great outdoors await! Sometimes, this is easier said than done.

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Can You Walk Your Cat on a Leash? | Mental Floss

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Always build on small steps.

Can You Walk Your Cat on a Leash?

Interestingly the best process description of leash-training a cat I found was a Jackson Galaxy, a cat behaviorist and television personality. The writer, Stephanie Clifford, working with TV cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, talks about how her cat can now go on walks to the park in. Learn what types of harness and leash are best for your cat and get of two brands that cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy recommended to The.
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I'll just get this out of the way up top: Then graduate to practicing leash-walking inside.


He just calls it quits. My cat is an indoors cat, but is getting really lazy and is now considered overweight. I have the luxury of a relatively safe back yard to walk my cat around in. The shelter told me that he was leash-and-harness trained, and liked to take walks outside. Furry, purring, adorable jerk toddlers.
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You'll notice in this video that the cat freezes up when he's had enough. Only once the cat is moving around comfortably and at total ease should you expand on the adventure — maybe going for a short walk in your neighborhood, or at a quiet park. You discover that all cats are actually descended from Houdini.
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7), starring a cat behaviorist named Jackson Galaxy. In one episode, he advised an owner to leash-walk his cat as a way to burn off extra feline. The writer, Stephanie Clifford, working with TV cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, talks about how her cat can now go on walks to the park in. Yes, you can train a cat to walk on a leash! link will take you to an article featuring Jackson Galaxy consulting with a client on leash training.
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