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The results are side-splitting but eds cat herding This page was last edited on 21 Julyat It received a eds cat herding for an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial For scenes where both are required, a computer-operated motion-control camera is used to film the same shot over and over with each animal. Oldsmobile - Gap in Cars:
boo - Age: 29
Price - 158$

The Wall Street Journal - Fingerprint: Charles Schwab - Ringo Starr: Kia at Ends Of The Earth.

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EDS Cat Herders Herding Cats - The Inspiration Room

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Five greatest Super Bowl ads of all time (+video)

EDS Herding Cats commercial featuring cowboys acting as cat herders. However, there's one thing that we can unequivocally say hasn't changed: Electronic Data Systems's (EDS) Cat Herders commercial is still one. Cat Herding is HARD! A truly rewarding career. Visit our sister site: Juggling Cats UK. To report a broken link or to suggest a new site for our online resource.
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Fiona - Age: 27
Price - 70$

Not everyone can do what we do. Adobe on its future as rival Salesforce invades its turf By George P. A few operate ranches or rodeo or stunt performing services, as per the citations given above.

3. 'Cat Herders,' EDS (2000)

WWF - Miss Congeniality: Anybody can herd cattle. Cowboys talk about their life herding cats, describing the challenges of taking short hairs as opposed to longhorns through the open country to their destination at the ranch. The Wall Street Journal - Fingerprint: Hewlett Packard - Traveling Garage:
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Jinx - Age: 20
Price - 75$

Ross Perot in that was looking out of step or, worse, invisible as the dot-com revolution bloomed.
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EDS Herding Cats commercial featuring cowboys acting as cat herders. Electronic Data Centers' “Cat Herders” is one of the best and most memorable Super Bowl ads, even if it only placed 10th in USA Today's annual Ad Meter. Cat Herders is an award-winning commercial made by Fallon for Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Alluding to the management-speak idiom "It's like herding cats".
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