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Most start out shy, but once they get to know you, they become energetic and playful little love bugs! I am looking for a Russian russian blue cat breeder kitten. Views Read Edit New section View history. Usually, the kittens that pass through are Russian Blue mix kittens rather than purebred Russian Blue kittens. Most of all my love of cats and all my animals.
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Firm chin and nose make vertical line. It is not necessary to pair your Russian Blue with a cat of the same breed, as these cats tend to get on well with other breeds too, but it is essential that you allow your cats to get used to each other in a controlled way, to avoid any issues with territory or socialising.

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The former makes them a good choice for people who may have allergies to other breeds.

Russian Blue Kittens: Finding A Cat and Your First Days Together

Welcome to the official web site of the Russian Blue Breeders' Association. The RBBA is affiliated to both the "Governing Council of the Cat Fancy", the. If a group of English breeders had not been producing the population of Russian Blues, probably this breed would have been died away. Since the mother. Russian blue cat – it is perfect choice for those, who want to have graceful, beautiful and midsize cat at home. If you like Russian blue kittens and this breed is.
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Russian Blue Kitten Characteristics

The breed became popular in England and tsarist Russia at the end of the 19 th Century, and was given its own breed class in England in A Russian Blue kitten is a perfect companion for a relaxed and playful household. In this way, for being perfect hunters, Russian Blue cats came and remained in the royal palace. Your Russian Blue kitten will almost certainly have their own opinions about acceptable cat litters too — buy small quantities at first to see which kind of litter they like the best. Only asking price for costs as we are moving home too busy time of year but must be a safe animal loving home. Brisbane South West West End. The Russian Blue is a tender cat which feels the emotional state of an owner and which manages to comfort.
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Being wounded she will lose trust and feel disappointed evermore. Flea treated and wormed and ready for a wonderful Christmas with a new family! I fed him, again resolved that we could not rescue him.
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Russian Blue Kittens for Sale, Russian Blue Kittens for Adoption, Buy Russian Blue Kittens, Russian Blue Kittens Breeders, Russian Blue Cats for Sale Near Me . Now accepting applications for fall and winter litters. Home · Russian Blues · Who We Are · Kittens · News · Contact. Menu. Now accepting applications for fall and winter litters. Home · Russian Blues · Who We Are · Kittens · News · Contact. Menu.
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