How to rehome a cat

Other organizations are limited-admission, meaning they only take in the number and type of animals they can re-home, and do not euthanize for space. When a suitable match has been found, you will be able to meet your potential new cat. You MUST screen all potential adopters. Cat rehoming FAQ Answers to the most cat characteristics personality asked questions about rehoming a cat. Match Search The best place to start your search and keep up-to-date on cats how to rehome a cat are available for rehoming is on our online cat gallery. Great tip regarding how to rehome a cat a quality picture, providing a description and bio with any needs a pet has. Hi Savannah, You commented on our blog post about rehoming pets and asked us to call you on Friday night.
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The foster family fell so in love with Archie they kept him! A responsible and informed adopter will want to know all of this information.

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Re-homing your pet responsibly and humanely - Pets for Patriots

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New Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Meet the cats Meet all the cats looking for new homes. Find out about their efforts to care for and re-home pets in their custody, and their policy on euthanasia.

Re-homing your pet responsibly and humanely

If a member of the household becomes allergic to cats, or if a new partner is allergic, many people assume the only solution is to rehome the cat. This is not. Find out about the simple three-step rehoming process to adopt a cat from Battersea. Can't keep your dog or cat? Work to rehome a pet rather than turn the animal into a shelter, where he or she may be killed. Here are tips for rehoming.
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This well-mannered pup loves everyone… https: List any training your dog or cat has had: You MUST screen all potential adopters.

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We also highly recommend charging a fee, however small. This is used to verify pet ownership history and get a feel for the applicant and how they would care for an animal. Black is always beautiful. Meet and Greet The references checked out and you are ready for the applicant to meet you and your cat in your home—great! You will regret it later and may find that your instincts were right. Our rehoming process is carefully tailored to each applicant, so please allow plenty of time. Cat rehoming FAQ Answers to the most frequently asked questions about rehoming a cat.
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If there are holes in the vet records, give the applicant the benefit of the doubt and ask them if the animal received care somewhere else during this time. Find out if they partner with other organizations to increase the adoption potential of the animals in their care.
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Find out about the simple three-step rehoming process to adopt a cat from Battersea. We understand that some owners have to re-home their pets due to unexpected circumstances. The information below is provided in the hopes. I Need to Rehome My Cat. The calls are endless: I can't keep my cat because my husband is allergic. I'm having a baby and I can't scoop the litter box.
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