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In order to maintain her control over the breed, Ann Baker sold individuals on a franchise basis. Ann Baker's own abbitions were seemingly to become successful with a breed she had created via her own efforts. Given appropriate matings the amount of white can be increased on both Mitted and Bi-Color cats. Since our cats ragdoll kittens southern california such a wonderful temperament, they are able to travel the country and be in the show halls, without the use ragdoll kittens southern california any drugs. However, the battles had taken their toll on Denny and Laura and so by they were ready to pass the flame to the next runner.
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This meant that if anyone left the franchise, or did not fulfill the terms of the arrangement, they could not market any future kittens as being Ragdolls. This Bi-colored cat was called Raggedy Ann Fugianna. Ragdolls require light grooming and great nutrition to give them an overall fluffy and healthy appearance.

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Ruby Ridge Rags Ragdoll Cattery - Ragdoll Kittens for sale - California

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Baker started to use this male, as well as Blackie, to mate to her Persian cats. Court actions ensued and as other franchises found Ann Baker's demands too onerous, the Daytons acquired more Ragdoll cats. Consequently, we breed not only for the love of a new pet, but for health, breeding standards, and size.

The Most Beautiful Purebred Ragdoll Cats & Kittens in Southern California

Ragdoll Kittens by Kelly is a TICA Registered Breeder in Southern California, Inland Empire Region. Ragdoll Kittens for Sale. Snugglerags Southern California ragdoll breeder, beautiful ragdoll kittens for sale. Rock Creek Ranch Ragdoll Cattery, California's Premier Ragdoll Breeder of Ragdoll kittens, Southern California Ragdoll cats, California Ragdoll kittens.
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They also enjoy a secured area outdoors, to enjoy the sun and play with the butterflies!

“Outstanding Cattery”

As one of her parents was a cat with a coloured coat - whatever it might have been - the White cat Josephine inherited from her other parent acted as a kind of overcoat masking colour underneath. With Daddy Warbucks, Buckwheat and Fugianna, the seeds of a new breed were planted and Ann Baker was about to reap the harvest. They had noticed that the kittens born after Josephine's accident had unusal cheracteristics. The history of the Ragdoll begins in the early s with Ann Baker, a breeder of Persians. Ann Baker's own abbitions were seemingly to become successful with a breed she had created via her own efforts. Breeding from Raggedy Ann Buddy and Raggedy Ann Rosie, the Daytons were amazed when Ann Baker attempted to get more money from them when the time came for the kittens to be sold. She received royalties on each of the kittens sold by those who had bought into the franchise.
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We breed and raise our Ragdolls in our home as part of our family, underfoot, giving them lots of love and personal attention. Like Us On Facebook. Given appropriate matings the amount of white can be increased on both Mitted and Bi-Color cats.
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Located in Southern Orange County, California - Beach City Rags - Cats and Kittens - Sales and Adoption, Ragdolls, Ragdoll, Ragdoll kittens, Breeder, ragdolls. Ragnarok Cattery has ragdoll kittens and ragdoll cats for sale in California. have been breeding in Southern California, original home of the Ragdolls, for over. RASTARAGDOLLS IS A SMALL CATTERY LOCATED IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. WE BREED RARE MINK AND TRADITIONAL RAGDOLL KITTENS.
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